save money

Save Money with your Credit Cards

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This fourth post of the Work/Life Integration series might be controversial but since using my credit cards is a way I save money, I’m going to write about it anyways! I like having credit cards. Not only for the convenience and ability to easily track my spending, but I also really like the perks that come with most of them. …

save time by outsourcing

Save Time by Outsourcing

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I’m pretty self-sufficient, both in my personal life and in my career, often feeling like I need to depend on myself to get things done or that it’s a waste of money to pay others to do things I’m capable of doing myself. Historically, I’ve always done most things myself – house cleaning, ironing, and my own bookkeeping and taxes …

personal budget tracker

Save Money with a Personal Budget Tracker

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“Can you spreadsheet this for me?” My phone rang and this was the question from my sister on the other end of the line. She and my other sister had been doing some high finance – buying and selling clothes from their closets to each other and wanted to keep track of who owed what to whom. I’m a self-proclaimed …

dinner list

Save Time with a Dinner List

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Below is a Twitter post that sums up a big portion of text message conversations with my husband. Seriously, that question characterizes my life! My husband and I would easily exchange six or seven text messages on the mundane topic of dinner…Every. Day. The convo would go something like this: Me: How’s your day? Him: Not bad, and yours? Me: …

work/life integration

Work/Life Integration is the secret to doing all the things

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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sent out any regular content and there are really no excuses for that. I’ve spent the last few months upside down about what kinds of content would be best to share and what sorts of stories you would like to hear. Lately, I’ve found the thing that works best for me to get …

Hope, not hate.

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Today is #BlackOutTuesday, a day that shouldn’t have to exist yet here we are. Racism and hate is prevalent in our communities and catalyzed by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis a week ago, the conversation around conscious and unconscious bias towards people of color and other minorities has reached a terrifying and critical peak. I’ve been struggling with …

All the meetings, all the time.

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I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m in nothing but meetings… Way more than before the Coronavirus pandemic, when the majority of my colleagues were working at the office and I was working from my home. Something has shifted in our collective mindset – I think a combination of the need to stay connected to each other …

Disaster Psychology

Disaster Psychology Helps to Explain Our Response During Crisis

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Today I’d like to speak about a new science that I was introduced to today called Disaster Psychology.  I received an email from a girlfriend this morning, which was a forward of a newsletter that she received from an author that she and I are both familiar with. The author is Dr. Tasha Ulrich, a Ph.D. in Psychology and her …