If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired or a lack of motivation, you don’t have to stay that way.

Let’s use HOPE to get you back on track.

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Increase your awareness of self and others

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Identify, map out, and achieve your goals and dreams

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Workplace Mental Health

Improve mental health in your workplace

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There is always hope.

And it can be an incredibly powerful motivator of action.

HI, I'm Lindsay Recknell

expert in hope

I'm a speaker, facilitator and educator who has experienced the power of hope firsthand and can help you use it to create positive change in YOUR life.

An entrepreneur at heart, I developed a passion for leadership development and communication through my work with Actionable Books - book summaries and facilitated workshops based on lessons learned from business and professional development books.

Lindsay sitting on a chair smiling

There are three ways to get there, depending on your needs, goals and starting point.

Self-Awareness Superhero is all about increasing your awareness of yourself and others. My Dream Catalyst program will help you get clear on (and map out a plan to achieve) your goals and dreams. And, finally, Workplace Mental Health is a long-term program designed to improve mental health in the workplace.

I also share my message about hope and practical, actionable advice as a keynote speaker. Click here to learn more about me, my background and what led me to become an expert in hope – or click through one of the links above to learn more about each program!

“Hope without action
is just a wish.”

-Lindsay Recknell


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