Hi, I'm Lindsay Recknell

expert in hope

If you’re feeling stuck, anxious or un-motivated, harnessing HOPE is one of the most powerful ways to effect change in your life – and I’d be thrilled to help you do it.

I’m a Calgary-based speaker, facilitator and educator who, in a nutshell, teaches people to use hope to motivate and propel action. I do this through three programs:

Lindsay Recknell - Expert in Hope

Self-Awareness Superhero

Designed so you’ll discover your unique self and learn how these awesome qualities are so valuable

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Created to spark hope and creativity, you’ll identify, prioritize and action your goals and dreams

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Mental Health

Comprehensive and completely customizable, designed to improve mental health in the workplace

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I also share my message about hope – and practical advice – as a keynote speaker. My style is optimistic and positive with a focus on action and healthy dose of straight-talk.



How did I get here?

Great question.

I have a degree in entrepreneurship and have been my own boss for most of my professional life (thanks to my father’s encouragement many years ago – and his unfailing support ever since). I’ve collaborated on a start-up, spent (many) years in IT consulting and am the founder of a North America-wide online classified marketplace for the bridal industry (called Wedding Recycle)

All the while, I’ve had a keen interest in personal development. But my focus on hope – and the realization that my interest and experience in personal development could be applied to it – came out of a very personal journey.

It all began in early 2017 when my husband decided to quit drinking. His journey to sobriety took (and continues to take!) tremendous courage, effort, and determination – and led to incredible learning, radical transformation and strength (for both of us). Though completely worth it, it’s been difficult on many levels.  

Almost two years into my husband’s sobriety, I felt a spark that I hadn’t in quite some time – and realized it was HOPE. The funny thing about hope is that you often don’t realize you’ve lost it until you get it back again – which is exactly what happened to me. It felt powerful and joyful and gave me the energy and motivation to create radical positive change in my life (ramping down my consulting work to start this business)

The thing I’ve realized is that we all suffer – and it all matters.

Though our circumstances may be (vastly) different, we all experience sadness, anxiety and discomfort at various points in our lives and it’s how we respond to these feelings that makes all the difference.

My work is all about helping you rediscover hope amid challenge – and teaching you to use it (like I did) to create radical positive change in your life. My mission is to get people talking, teach self-awareness and brain science, and help as many people as I can use hope to motivate positive change in their lives.

When I’m not coaching clients or speaking to groups, you’re likely to find me on a dog walk with my husband and our two golden retrievers, Wylie and Squeak, running, cycling or spoiling our nieces and nephews, 12 of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.

Lindsay from above

If this resonates with you, let’s chat. You can reach out or book a consult here. If you’d like to read a little more first, click here to learn more about my programs, here for speaking info, or here to see some of the resources I've learned from on this journey.